7 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Uniden Digital CameraAre you considering welcoming a pet into your home? Animal rescue homes and shelters have varieties of animals looking for new homes, surroundings and families. You can find animals ranging from cats and dogs to rabbits, birds, and other small animals. If you are still uncertain whether you should adopt, here are seven convincing reasons. Continue reading

How to Care for Rescued Animals

careHaving a pet friend is a big satisfaction in life, and knowing how to care for your pet is a must. However picture taking care of a pet that has gone through a brutal experience with a former owner? Yes, it’s a whole another ball game. Taking good care of your pet ensures it has a happy, healthy life with you. Here are some basic, simple tips to keep your rescued pet healthy and happy. Continue reading

Tips to Help Shelter Pets from Harsh Weather

animal walfareDuring winter, it is a good idea to take extra care of your outdoor pets. Good shelter is a must for survival and care of your pets and you should conduct appropriate roof replacements to shelter the pets from hard weather. There may occur environmental conditions that makes it very uncomfortable for both humans and animals to survive. The change can be rain, heat, snow or cold weather. This guide looks at the basic aspects required for ultimate pet care through shelter. Continue reading

How to Start Up a Nonprofit Animal Rescue

animal rescueStarting a nonprofit animal rescue is a worthwhile cause. So many dogs and cats are born each day, but many of them end up on the streets when their owners desert them or relocate to different homes. Imagine how many animals you can save by opening a nonprofit rescue. You can provide the neglected animals with a safe place to wait until they are adopted into a comfortable home. However, the process can be lengthy and complicated. Understanding what is required to run a nonprofit animal rescue ensures you have a smooth experience and help the organization grow successfully. Below are steps to guide you in starting a nonprofit animal rescue. Continue reading

A Guide to Transporting Rescued Animals

bhutanYou probably have a pet in your home or are planning to adopt one into your family. But have you ever wondered how those pet animals got to those rescue homes? Probably their previous owners, volunteers or whoever found them straying traveled several miles to bring them to the animal rescue. Different people work together to save lives of as many pets as possible, and you too can surely join in and even save more animals. Here is a guide to transporting rescued animals. Continue reading

Which are the Best Rescued Animals to Adopt?

Newfoundland_brownThe best pets make great companions. So many rescued animals exist in rescue homes that are right for you and make a wonderful companion. When you go out to find a pet to adopt, you should find one that fits your personality, matches your needs and works best with your life. Finding a pet that is unique to you can be a fun and rewarding experience. Whether it is a commonly kept pet such a cat, dog, or goldfish, a colorful parrot, a potbellied pig, or perhaps a scurrying lizard, the animal you choose will bring you years of entertainment and happiness. Below are the best-rescued animals you should adopt. Continue reading